Doctor Who’s Sonic Screwdriver is a Reality Now


The University of Dundee has released a press release about their very own Sonic Screwdriver!

Apparently researchers at Dundee University must have been Doctor Who fans, because they have devised a machine to emulate the Doctor’s very own Sonic Screwdriver. How does it work? It’s sonic, of course, or ultrasound. It uses ultrasound to lift, move and rotate a rubbery disk which floats in a cylindrical glass full of water.

Previously ultrasound was only used to push objects. This is the first time it has been utilised to rotate them.

As a benefit from this research, ultrasound surgery will be much more precise. It will make surgeons able to treat more conditions without having to cut patients open. It might allow special drug capsules to be guided throughout the human body to the right destination, such as a tumour.