Comic Review: Brave and the Bold #30

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Brave and the Bold #30 Writer: J. Michael Straczynski (JMS), Artist: Jesus Saiz, Colorist: Brian Miller, Letterer: Rob Leigh, Cover artist: Jesus Saiz. Published by DC Comics in 2009.

For those who aren’t aware, Brave and the Bold was a comic which teamed up two different heroes each issue. The heroes this time were Green Lantern and the original Dr Fate (from Justice Society of America).
A selfish act by Doctor Fate at a point in his timeline a few years ago, ends up both being the cause of his eventual aging and death and what saves Green Lantern from certain death.

The issue does not feature the classical bad guys vs good guys, rather it is a philosophical story about life, death and the dangers of changing the past. A review can’t do this justice.
Jesus Saiz really puts all the stops out and the art is wonderful. Doctor Fate is fleshed out well by JMS in this issue, and the issue is a must-have.

The story is really about how a selfish act – Doctor Fate’s desire to know his future – turns out to become a selfless one… I won’t write more so as not to spoil the fun of reading this issue.

You can get this issue as part of the following Brave and the Bold Graphic Novel / hardback: