RIP Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah-Jane Smith)


With great sadness we have heard of the death of British actress Elisabeth Sladen who played Sarah-Jane Smith in both the classic and new Doctor Who as well as in her spin-off series Sarah-Jane Adventures. Elisabeth Sladen was 63 and was suffering from the disease of cancer. The cause of death has not been released.

Confirmation was given by the BBC. She leaves to mourn her, her husband, Brian Miller and a daughter.

Scirev.Net offers its condolences to the family as well as to the many Doctor Who fans.
Elisabeth Sladen was a wonderful actress loved by many generations.

BBC is going to broadcast My Sarah-Jane, a special about Sarah-Jane Smith and Elisabeth Sladen next Saturday.
If you are on facebook join the RIP Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah-Jane Smith) page.

The following touching video was posted on this RIP page:
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Also, check out this tearful fanfic Epitaph written by Mountain King, it’s really good. You can find it here.


The Maltese Hobbit


A number of years ago I had dreamt of the idea of translating Tolkien’s writings (or The Hobbit at least) into the Maltese language..

Nothing came of it though I had some ideas and a proposal but the Tolkien estate wanted lots of money for translating it 🙁

I decided to write down some of my thoughts after reading this article on bigthink.
Since the Maltese word elf means a thousand, I thought of using elvu instead for the elf race. For Thorin Tarkatalballut (Thorin Oakenshield)’s people, I used nanu.
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