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From the Ashes of SGU


While Stargate Universe is totally cancelled, something is rising from its ashes. Mark Savela, who was the Visual effects supervisor of Stargate Universe (SGU), together with production assistant Ken Kabatoff, are now pitching their new post-apocalyptic show with 80% of SGU’s cast and crew. (Won’t that look odd.. hmmm. it might work!)

The assembled team includes SGU actors Jen Spence & Mike Dopud, director of photography Michael Blundell, production designer James Robbins, director Will Waring, as well as composer Joel Goldsmith.
This weekend they are gathering in Vancouver to film the pilot.

The show’s working title is “Echoes”. The story is about two alien superpowers blowing each other up on earth and leaving most humans dead… how will mankind survive this? That’s what the show asks.

Rather than aliens invading or attacking earth, this futuristic story focuses on aliens vs aliens, while man tries to just stay alive. Savela says “It’s kind of like two superpowers fighting in Australia, and destroying the Australians.”

The show is going to be dark and gritty and full of action, Kabatoff said. The producers are inspired by non-sci fi shows such as “The Pacific” and “Band of Brothers”.

The lead is played by Spense (Dr Lisa Park on SGU) who leads a band of survivors in the US, two years after the destructive alien war on earth. She will develop into a Sarah-Connor type character.
Hope the pilot makes it. Sounds like a good story.
Perhaps it could be better if the humans end up on one or both of the two alien worlds. That would really be interesting!


New Music Video – Doctor Who (11th Doctor/Amy)-Glen Vella-One Life EUROVISION 2011


Check out my latest music video, it’s an 11th Doctor vid with Amy Pond. The music is Malta’s entry for Eurovision 2011, Glen Vella singing One Life.
I couldn’t resist not doing this.

PS Writing further chapters to my Caprica/3rd Doctor crossover.. should be posted as time permits.