Blood Rain (Dr Who/BSG 2003 Crossover)

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This is my first Battlestar Galactica (2003) reimagined and Doctor Who crossover short fanfic.. it’s also my first new fanfic of 2011.
The Tenth Doctor is travelling solo. This happens after the “Waters of Mars” special.

It was raining heavily on a dying world far away. It was nuclear rain. This planet had been practically exterminated and conquered after a long armistice.

The last remaining human survivors had left and a number of people – all civilians except for one man – had been left behind.. This soldier’s call sign was HELO.

He had left the others behind as he was afraid the robotic invaders would track him down and kill all of them. That was his excuse at least. They called him coward and called him other names. “We don’t need you” they shouted at him as he left.

A few hours had passed and in one of the deserted streets a blue box appeared. It was out of place here, you would not find another one like it in this place and time for sure.

Inside the blue box a brown haired man wearing a pinstripe blue suit looked at the central console mechanism. He was surveying the surroundings.. there was lots of fallout radiation but that was not a problem for him. In Kindergarten he was taught how to concentrate and remove most basic radiation from his body, kid’s play he thought. But to be safe he took an antirad pill which would last him weeks.. and he took some more with him just in case.

He checked the coordinates once more.
“What? What?? So this is Caprica! But this shouldn’t be happening!”

But according to the history he knew a cylon invasion wasn’t supposed to have happened right now. A cylon invasion was to be expected hundreds of years from now. But the invasion had happened – was happening – now.

But should he intervene? The last time he intervened to change history on the planet Mars in the future he didn’t succeed to change much, some details but not the large picture. He had been arrogant then, he had recognised that. This time he would not try to alter fixed points in time.. that would either not work, or not change things as he would have wished to, or end up causing some paradox.

He decided that someone had changed the history of Caprica, yes. And he had to investigate and left the safety of the TARDIS.

The Doctor looked at the Caprican skyline. It was magnificent but quite dead now. Now he would try and see what was happening. He decided to walk a bit and see if he would meet anyone.

He walked a few streets and saw a woman on her own, with a small group of panicking people not far away. “Hello! What happened?” She looked asian….
“Where have you been living? We have just been invaded by Cylons, Caprica has been nuked”
“I see… how long has the war gone on?” he asked her.
“The war? The last war just lasted 12.5 years when a peace armistice was signed between humans and the machines” she answered. “Everyone knows this.. how come you don’t?”
“I’m a visitor and I don’t really like history” he tried to cover up his lack of knowledge. “so you’re military? What happened to your defenses?”
“Yes I am. I’m Sharon – callsign Boomer. Well I’m trying to find a colleague of mine who stayed behind. I came back to try and find him.”
“Oh great. Allez-vous!”
“That’s French for Let’s go!”

This Doctor was strange, she thought, as they walked towards the crowd. The radiation rain was falling down heavily.

They soon learnt that Helo had left them as he thought they would have been targeted by the Cylons.
The crowd gave them his general directions and so Boomer prepared to leave.

The Doctor recalled the time when he had saved a Roman family at Pompeii. He remembered how Donna had insisted that he do so.
So, the Doctor spoke to the crowd and told them he could take them on his ship.

Not far, on a nearby building, a blonde woman and a man looked at the crowd and the newcomer. This person was dangerous. He was a wild card – a total unknown. They had no idea where he came from and just looked.
They watched all those people get in the blue box… what was that, they thought, how could it fit all those people. This person – a wild card – was interfering with their war on humanity.  Before they could order some centurions to fire on the box, it disappeared completely into thin air. Who was this stranger, this outsider?

Story (C) 2010-2011 Mr Scirev

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