Who Sliders 1 – Doctor Who and the Sliders: Leisure Centre Hotel

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This is a crossover fanfic featuring Doctor Who (the Fifth Doctor – played by Peter Davison in the classic BBC tv series – and the Sliders. It happens after the events in the fanfic Doctor Who and the X-Men: The Director’s Cut. It has various inspirations.

It is really great to hear of the DVD release of the mara episodes, now that I am republishing my related fanfics.

The first WhoSliders series starred the 5th Doctor. The second series starred Rose Tyler, after the Time War but there is some overlap before/after lol. (the Time War is changing things with the Parship too astute readers will notice in 2016)  The third series will be a followup to the current Doctor Who series…

Story (C) 2001-2016 Mr SciRev.

Dr Who Timeline Related to this Fanfic:
500 years ago: Mara (and its Sumaran Empire) ‘destroyed’ on Manussa by Federation, Legend of Return of Mara established
Present time:
Kinda (on Deva Loka, Mara physically destroyed by the 5th Doctor)
Doctor Who and The X-Men (The Director’s Cut) (occurs after classic series episode: The Visitation)
WhoSliders v1 fanfics
Doctor Who and The X-Men II

What you need to know:
The Doctor is a Time Lord – a time-traveller from the alien world called Gallifrey who travels in space and time thanks to his TARDIS which looks like a police box, bigger inside than outside. When the Doctor is severely injured or even killed, he will regenerate into a new appearance and body. He is currently in his fifth incarnation (4th regeneration). His thirteenth will be the last.

The Sliders have developed a technique called Sliding which allows them to go to different dimensions or parallel universes, but will they ever find the way to their home universe?

The Doctor with his companions – currently an australian hostess named Tegan, Hindle ( a previously deranged soldier from a future earth colony ), young irritating genius Adric, alien orphan and technological expert Nyssa and the Sliders – is on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless and the powerless throughout the whole multiverse of multiple universes. The Doctor’s alteration to the Sliders’ timeline has resulted in multiple changes across various multiverse timelines in hypertime.


A long time ago, on a parallel earth, boredom lead the inhabitants to build more and more leisure centres. The most advanced technology was used in these centres so that the visitors to the centres could relax. Many people gladly gave up their work as the government was paying them a larger amount than they had ever earned as a salary, and all they had to do was relax, in these centres.

At a particular leisure centre in Britain, a humming noise could be heard. Suddenly the particles of the air at one corner of a storage room began shimmering, until a form was apparent. It was the form of a Police Call Box. The TARDIS had materialised in the storage room.

“Doctor, where are we?”, Quinn asked.
“This could hardly be Deva Loka”, Tegan interjected.
“You know, Doctor, at times this TARDIS does not seem to work as it should.” Hindle told the Doctor.
“That’s enough. Hindle. Need I remind everyone how you almost blew Deva Loka up when we were there? This is Earth, 21st Century, it is the year 2001. We have left the parallel universes of the X-Men, I call that X-Space for convenience. This is still not our universe.” the Doctor said.
“This looks like a storage compartment to me. Perhaps we will have an Odyssey, or a Travesty in 2001. I still have not completely gotten over the fact that I was going to be killed by that madman Rickman.” Professor Arturo said.

“Well let’s get out and see where we are.” the Doctor said while he operated the TARDIS door controls.

“Hmm… Interesting. This is a leisure centre, apparently.” The Doctor commented, having opened the closet where the TARDIS rested. “Not too many people around” Remmy said.
“Doctor, is your universe, our universe?” Quinn asked the Doctor. “That is, is our Earth-Prime your Earth?”
The Doctor calmly explained that this was not the case, most probably. “I think you are right Doctor. By the way, did I tell you that there is a tv show on our world about your adventures?” Quinn replied.
“I wonder who gets to play my part”, Tegan asked.
“Janet Fielding, if I’m not mistaken”, Quinn replied.

Outside, Arturo noted that the room did not have any doors or other exits but it lead straight out into a corridor. There was only the storage closet and some strange looking chairs in this room.
“These chairs look inviting” Adric said.
“But they might be dangerous” said the Professor.
“We’ve seen killer tv’s, and worse on our Slides”, Remmy added.
“Nonsense. I can recognise a good chair” Adric mumbled while sitting down. Wade did the same.

Wade and Adric’s world went suddenly dark. They found themselves in a futuristic setting.alzarius marshmen

“We’re back in E-Space! This is Alzarius, close to the Terradonian liner! It’s mistfall.” Adric exclaimed.

“Let’s enter the cave before the swamp monsters, the Marshmen, get us!” Adric got Wade to follow him into the cave.
“Wade, quickly – let’s stop the Marsh Spiders before they bite and take over Romana! Romana is Gallifreyan like the Doctor. We’ve got a chance to make things differently, apparently, and I don’t want to lose this chance to see that my brother Varsh does not die!” Adric was almost in tears. Explaining all this hurt him terribly.
“How did we get here?” Wade asked Adric.
“I don’t know – quickly!” Adric shouted.
One of the fruits on the ground started breaking up. One of the Marsh Spiders crawled out towards Romana.
“Romana – get away!” Adric shouted.
Romana ignored Adric and the Spider bit her. While she screamed the scene changed again.
Varsh was Adric’s brother, three and a half years older than him. Their parents died in forest fires years many ago. Adric was just one year old. What a void the death of Varsh had left in Adric’s life. Varsh had left the Starliner community to become an Outler. He became their leader.
There he was, Varsh, attempting to stop the Marshmen who were attacking the Starliner.
Now it would be different. Adric wanted to change history. All the theoretical risks involved did not count. All that mattered then was Varsh.

Varsh and Adric were attempting to drive the Marshmen into the Starliner’s corridors, with the oxygen cylinders. Now Wade was there. They met Login and some other citizens who were seeking the Fourth Doctor. While they passed through the boarding area, however, more Marshmen came out of the ventilation ducts and Adric and Varsh held them off, while the citizens fled.
Adric started running out of his oxygen. His cylinder was almost out of air.
What should he do now? He knew that he had to get more oxygen from the Science Unit or he would die himself. He decided to go, and get another cylinder to give it to Varsh, as his cylinder would terminate its supply soon.
But it was too late, once more! Varsh remained to close the bulkhead while the rest, include Wade, got to safety. By the time Wade and Adric raise the bulkhead once more, the Marshmen have left but his brother is dead once more. Again, Keara gives Varsh’s marsh reed belt, the symbol of the Outlers to Adric, who complains that it is not fair.
“Why did I have to go through this again?”
Suddenly the scene changed again to the one in the cave.
“What’s going on?” Adric asked Wade.
“Don’t ask me. It’s your history after all.” Wade replied.
The scene with Romana repeated itself and suddenly the scene with Adric’s brother Varsh was repeated again. Once more Adric did not manage to save his brother from dying.
“Why, Why, Why?” Adric started to ask.
“Could it be the Master again?” Adric was thinking aloud.
Wade was even more confused.

Meanwhile, the Professor was getting worried. How on touching the chair, both Wade and Adric could have simply disappeared? It was beyond belief! The Doctor explained that clearly an advanced technology was being used, perhaps a transmat device.
“That makes things clearer”, Arturo said, rather unnerved by the technobabble.
“Doctor, could that small box-like device underneath the chair have anything to do with this, trans-matte ?” Arturo asked, almost casually.
“Indeed, it looks like a porta-transmat, a portable matter transporter.” the Doctor replied.
“You mean a device to transmit matter from one location to another?” Remmy asked.
“Of course, just like your Timer, but within the same universe and not very far away.” the Doctor answered. “We should trace the signal.”
“That should lead us to Adric and Wade.” Nyssa explained.

Suddenly a blonde woman enters the corridor and sees the Doctor, the Sliders (except Wade), Hindle, Tegan and Nyssa. “Hello, are you new here”, she asked.
“Yes, indeed, you can say so” the Doctor replied.
“My name is Professor Justine Robson. What’s yours?”
“I’m called the Doctor, and these are my companions Tegan, Nyssa, Hindle, Professor Arturo, Quinn and Remmy. Adric and Wade have just… disappeared.”
“I’m the science officer of the Federation ParShip Endeavour.” she replied. “I have reason to believe an alien energy source has been set up on this planet for unknown reasons. Since this planet is in Federation region of space we have been sent to investigate.”
“The Endeavour?” the Doctor was intrigued. “How is it in this universe?” he thought. So he said “Who is your Captain?”.
“The Captain is Jefferson Fletcher. He used to be the British governor on Earth.”
“Jefferson Arc.. I mean Bowman, did you say?” the Doctor asked.
“No, Jefferson Fletcher.”
“Strange. So it’s not the Federation Starship we had met in the past. Are you from this universe?” the Doctor queried.
“If you mean are we from a parallel quantum dimension, we are.” she replied.
“So this cannot be Federation Space.” Arturo started to suspect that she was not telling the whole story.
“What do you mean”, Tegan asked.
“Well, if this is Federation space then her Federation would be from this universe. It’s so simple!” Quinn exclaimed.
“Simple to you, Q-Ball!” Remmy said.
“She’s really from a parallel universe, probably from ours” the Doctor pointed to Tegan and Nyssa. “This indicates the Federation is attempting to claim this planet for themselves, to stake its claim so to speak.”
“This is not a very nice Federation”, Remmy chucked.
“The Federation across the parallel universes varies greatly. In one, they are simply rebels against a villanous Alliance. In another they are the Resistance indeed.” the Doctor added.
“Our ParShip is a Parallel-Universe explorer-ship. We have passed through parallel universes and arrived at this one.” Justine said.
“Cool! They basically just slide like we do, only with a ‘slideship’!” Quinn was enthusiastic on the idea and was wondering whether they would get a chance to see this ship.
“Back to our matter in hand. We need to find out where Adric and Wade are. They could be in the vicinity, I hope.” Nyssa said.
“Run a tricorder scan for us, will you?” the Doctor said, looking towards Justine. She opened her tricorder and examined its readings carefully.
“There are no discernible lifesigns except for some trace signals which could be beings in suspended animation. There are other energy emissions in their vicinity.” she replied.
“Let’s go there quickly” the Doctor said while rushing quickly in the direction pointed to by Justine. Running along the long corridor with the others barely keeping up with him, he finally reached the entrance to a green room.
The Doctor and the others entered the room. It was very bare at first sight but there was no time to look around. Suddenly some gas flooded the room and everything went dark.

“Where is this place?” Remmy asked.
“I can answer that question. It’s Traken, we’re on my homeworld!” Nyssa replied.
“Ah, there’s the Doctor, but he’s in the Keeper’s chamber!” Nyssa recalls that this event has already occurred.
“The Doctor? That guy doesn’t resemble him.” Remmy remarked.
“He’s the Fourth Doctor, our Doctor’s previous regeneration. But Traken was destroyed, so how can we be here? We must have gone back in time! This means I can prevent my father from dying.”
“Adric’s here!” Remmy exclaimed. “We’ve been looking for you!”
“Looking for me? Who are you?” Adric continued as if nothing had happened, he looked towards the Doctor. The Doctor called out the last three digits of the Sanction code to Adric. Adric was just able to enter two digits before the a raging wind blew him away from the console. The Doctor pushed his way out of the chamber, struggled towards the console and entered the last digit. As a result the evil Melkur was banished.
The Doctor bid Tremas, Nyssa’s father quite an abrupt goodbye. He looks at Adric and they both return to the TARDIS. Nyssa looks at Remmy and tells him that now she had left from the sanctum at this point while her father was killed by the Master. She decided to stay behind this time, hoping to make a difference. But, unfortunately, it is not that easy. Promptly, a grandfather clock was visible at a nearby alcove. Nyssa’s father, Tremas, entered the alcove and in a split second , the Master emerged from the clock and merged with Tremas, killing the latter as a result. Suddenly Nyssa entered and saw what had happened and screamed her lungs out.

When she stopped screaming, she noticed that the scene had repeated itself.
She was back inside, watching the Doctor appear in the Keeper’s chamber.
Remmy asked Nyssa, “what’s going on? Why is this scene repeating itself?”
“I don’t know. I’m confused. Perhaps it’s a time loop like what Hindle told us about Deva Loka.
“Or perhaps reality’s gone crazy. Oh this is weirder than our sliding!” Remmy said.

“Where have we ended up now?” Professor Arturo asked the Doctor.
“I don’t know. It does not look anything like I’ve seen.” the Doctor replied.
“Now I know – we are in the hospital I was in when my wife was about to die from an aneurism. I am not amused by these manipulations.” Arturo said.
“That happened before you started sliding, I take it?”
“Indeed. I met her again, or a parallel version of her once (EGGHEADS), but on her world she was filing for divorce. My alternate on that world was missing, perhaps he managed to Slide with the alternate Quinn. Have we travelled back in time?”
“We have NOT.” the Doctor was sure of that.
“Then what on earth is this?”
“This is a large holographic deception.” the Doctor clarified.
“Very elaborate, feeding on our memories.”
“It’s enough.” the Doctor said. “Computer, stop program. HALT program.”
“It doesn’t work, Doctor.” Arturo was getting bothered by this.
“It works on some holodecks and holosuites I’ve seen.”
“Well certainly not in this Leisure Centre”. The voice who said this was unusual.
“Who spoke?” Arturo said.
“I did!” said a strange looking fellow. He introduced himself as Mr. Brittas, head of the leisure centre they were in.
“Welcome to the world’s most advanced Holo Leisure Centre, Whitbury Leisure Centre in Britain. Our world’s citizens got bored and went offline from real life, and online to our holoworlds. They relax in our worlds.” Mr. Brittas explained.
“What are those people, like zombies?” the Doctor asked, pointing towards a screen showing a street.
“Oh, those people are in our virtual realities, on that screen you are seeing their bodies in real life.” Mr. Brittas said, casually.
“That’s enough. Wake them all up.” the Doctor said.
“What? Of course not. They are happy this way, relaxing in this Leisure Centre.” Mr. Brittas exclaimed.
“If you will not wake them, we will”, Arturo exclaimed.
“That is enough. You intruders are cheeky.” Mr. Brittas was not amused at this turn of events.
“Are you a hologram, then?” the Doctor asked.
“Course not. I am the Keeper of the Leisure Centre.” Brittas replied quite snappily.
The Doctor got out a small kit from his pocket.
“I will not allow you to use that cryogenic kit, of course.” Mr. Brittas exclaimed.
“I am not that stupid.” He commented.
“Of course.” the Doctor said.
“Where are Nyssa, Remmy, Wade and Adric?” Arturo asked.
“They are outside, in the street.” Mr. Brittas said angrily.
“Like the other ‘zombies’, then” the Doctor commented.
“They are enjoying recreation” Mr. Brittas pointed out.
“Recreation for you!” the Doctor said. “Where do you get the energy to sustain this centre?”
“Partially from the sun, through the use of solar panels.”
“That couldn’t be enough!” Arturo pointed out.
“So what is it then?” the Doctor kept forcing Mr. Brittas to say the truth.
Mr. Brittas was silent.
“You feed upon the memories of the people in the complex!” the Doctor said. “You’re an energy vampire of sorts and you’re feeding on our minds also!”
Arturo suddenly understood what was going on. All those people, but also Nyssa, Remmy, Wade, Adric and the rest of them, including Arturo himself and the Doctor were currently ‘walking’ like those zombies.
“Most people are ‘walking’ outside, but we are still walking in the corridor, then.” the Doctor reasoned. Only Wade and Adric are somewhere else. Possibly they are outside. We have to wake ourselves out of this ‘virtual reality’ to be able to do anything.”
“You will not!” Mr. Brittas said.
“Will! Incompetent!” Arturo said. “Perhaps I could outsmart him with logic?” Arturo asked the Doctor whispering.
“It does not work that way. We don’t know he is an automaton. He could be a living being.” the Doctor said. “Our priority is to wake ourselves up. But we cannot do this.”
“What?” Professor Arturo was getting angry at the developments. “We are trapped?”
“I’d say you should enjoy your stay”, Mr. Brittas said.
“We need to talk to your superiors.” the Doctor told Mr Brittas.
“That cannot be arranged. My superiors are not in contact somehow.”
“They are all in suspended animation, or dead!” Arturo was getting restless.
“Give us an interface to the outside computer network.” the Doctor tried convincing Mr. Brittas.
“What do you need that for?” he was asked.
“I need to download a new game. Very recreational.”
“Think I would fall for that one?” Mr. Brittas sneered and disappeared.
After a while, the Doctor saw something which looked like a data port. A minor item, which Mr. Brittas nevertheless had forgotten. He would be able to use it to send a communications signal outside of the “virtual reality”, but who would receive it? “Yes, I know who can receive it.”

Meanwhile, on a parship (Parallel-World Ship) orbiting the planet, Captain Jefferson Fletcher was getting anxious that his Science Officer had not returned on board. Something must have gone wrong, he deduced. He ordered a scan of the building which his Science Officer was supposed to examine. Meanwhile the Comms Officer reported a communications signal.
“Origin?” – Fletcher asked.
“The leisure centre building on the planet”.
“Lock onto the signal and transmat them all onboard!”

The Doctor and all the others were suddenly transported onboard the parship.
Wade said “Wow! This place is cool!”
“And are you, Captain Kirk, now?” Professor Arturo asked.
“Who’s Kirk?” Adric asked Tegan. “A tv character from a show called Star Trek”
“Ah. That figures.”
“I’m Captain Jefferson Fletcher of the Federation Starship Endeavour. Our ship is also a parship as it can travel across Parallel Worlds.”
“So the ship SLIDES?” Quinn was astonished and interested.
“Yes, of course. You are referring to Sliding Technology; in fact we use a development of that technology, which we call ParTravel”, the Captain replied.
“You are all safe and sound hopefully, from the transmat. I still don’t trust it myself as it’s still new.” Fletcher told his new guests.
“It’s perfectly safe”, the Doctor commented.
“Nothing to worry about”, Justine said.
“What was the building you were in, Justine? Did you find out what the alien energy source was?” Fletcher enquired.
“A leisure centre where the inhabitants, due to boredom, have been placed into suspended animation. The inhabitants have given up their work as the government was paying them a larger amount than they had ever earned as a salary, and all they had to do was relax in suspended animation, giving their dreams and imagination to a complex shared-reality virtual reality system.” she replied.
“We could build better holodecks if we could get that technology.” Fletcher said. “Perhaps you could go back and put yourselves in the virtual reality. I’m sure you could find a way to get Mr. Brittas to wake you up again.”
“Who mentioned Mr. Brittas to you”, Quinn pointed out.
“You did”, Fletcher  replied.
“I did not!” Quinn abruptly.
“WE did not” the Doctor confirmed.
Suddenly Tegan went up to Fletcher. “Who are you really, Mister” she started raising her voice.
“Now Tegan, calm down” the Doctor said.
She tugged at Fletcher’s hair.
“What on earth are you doing, Tegan?” shouted Justine. “Have you gone crazy!”
Finally Tegan managed to remove what was really a wig.
Fletcher’s face changed to reveal.. Mr. Brittas!
“We’re really still in the leisure centre”, the Doctor said.
Mr. Brittas was not there however.
“We must find a way out ourselves!” the Doctor said. “Follow me”
He started rushing through the “Parship” corridors, Tegan, Justine, Adric, Nyssa, Hindle, Quinn and the other Sliders followed him.
They saw “officers” of this “ship”, but the “officers” were obviously the residents and employees of the leisure centre.

“That’s an exit portal!” the Doctor said, pointing towards a door.
“An ordinary door?” Adric was puzzled. “How could that be?”
“Many times ordinary doors are used as exit points for virtual realities”, Nyssa explained.
The group left the virtual reality by exiting through the door, and many of the residents followed them.
They all found themselves outside.
“We were told the world was too polluted and that we should stay here”, one of the residents said. “We were tricked by Brittas.”
“Indeed. As you can see, it’s a nice day outside.” the Doctor said.
“Are we really outside now?” Wade asked.
“Definitely… Look!” the Doctor pointed at a desperate Brittas, who had by now lost all his control of the residents and employees.
“You have ruined everything, everything! Go away!” Mr. Brittas told the Doctor while tearing up his hair.

“So your ship travels through parallel dimensions?” Quinn asked Justine.
“It does.”
The Doctor asked Justine if she could give them a dimensional pinpointer, to help find Quinn’s home universe.
“Yes, sure I can” Justine said.
“Great!” Quinn exclaimed “Finally we will be able to return home.”
“Let’s beam onto the Endeavour.” Justine touched her comm-button and said “10 to beam-up.” The Doctor said “Wait.. the TARD….” Suddenly in a twirling blue light, all of them disappeared into thin air.
The Doctor’s TARDIS could travel through parallel universes but there was a certain lack of precision involved in this travel. They had left behind the TARDIS.


Continued in the next Fanfic Who Sliders 2 ‘Parship Endeavour’


If you have not seen the Dr Who episode (Full Circle) which Adric relives with Wade,
you can read a recap
at the BBC's Doctor Who site.

There have been LOTS of Star Trek and Doctor Who 'crossovers' outside of fanfics
- even in the episodes themselves.

Here are some...

In the TOS novel Ishmael by Barbara Hambly, the Second Doctor and companions make a cameo
appearance. Quoting a USENET posting from 2001:

> I don't have page numbers handy, but... there are two bar/saloon scenes
> in the novel, one early on and set in the 23rd century (original Trek's
> "present") and a later one in San Francisco in 1869/70.  Both feature a
> fair number of references to/walk-ons by assorted media characters --
> from sf media for the former, from American westerns for the latter --
> and I _think_ that the Doctor shows up in both, in different
> incarnations.  There's no interaction or dialogue, though; he's just
> among the characters hanging about the place(s), if I recall correctly.

Correct. The Second Doctor appears in the San Francisco saloon in 1869.
Unfortunately I don't have my copy to hand for the page numbers.
Additionally, during the 23rd century scenes, while Kirk and the base
commander are trying to locate Spock, the Time Lords are mentioned as a
mythical time-travelling civilization in the "galaxy of Kasteroborous [sic]".

See also: Battlestar Galactica archive (1990) (mail archive from chrispappas.com) -
apparently BSG viper pilots and Han Solo are featured in the same book.

A 2003 posting points out a crossover with Star Trek is now canonical and in-continuity:
From: [email protected] (M. Doherty)
Newsgroups: rec.arts.drwho.moderated
Subject: Shada Trek reference
Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2003 17:06:58 CST

In the webcast Shada (ep 6 pt 4) the Doctor finds a battered crash
helmet thingy in the Tardis. It's labelled NCC 1701D.

Just a random Trek reference, or am I missing some clever joke?


From: ZC TGS
Newsgroups: rec.arts.drwho.moderated
Subject: Re: Shada Trek reference
Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2003 03:53:35 CST

On Sun, 8 Jun 2003 01:03:40 CST, Martin Hoscik wrote:

>J2rider wrote:
>> I think the next remake of something Trek should mention something from WHO. It
>> happens all the time on Trek. Not the mentions of WHO, the remakes.
>And boy do they get worse...

Well DW as been mentioned in Trek as early as season one one the The
Next Generation. I think the episode was called The Neutral Zone. It's
the one where thy find and revive the frozen bodies from the 20th
Century. When Deanna helps the woman locate her faily descendants then
names that appear on the computer screen are supposed to be of the
first six actors that played the Doctor.

From another posting by ZC TGS:
Well the Cybermen... sorry I mean the Borg were introduced in the
episode called Q Who.
As I understand it, they were originally supposed to be introduced in
The Neutral Zone episode but there was a problem. That would have
meant two Doctor Who connections in the same episode. It's easy to see
that there was a DW fan at work on TNG during the easy seasons.

On a side note, I believe there were also Man From UNCLE references in
Deep Space Nine, something to do with the money used in Quarks Bar.

From: "Allyn Gibson"
Newsgroups: rec.arts.drwho.moderated
Subject: Re: Shada Trek reference
Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2003 18:11:51 CST

J2Rider wrote:

> I think the next remake of something Trek should mention
> something from WHO.

There have been a few Who references in the Star Trek novels over the years.

Diane Duane had Kirk watch a 3D holographic recreation of a Tom Baker
episode in MY ENEMY, MY ALLY.  (Curiously, the scene Kirk watches doesn't
match with anything from the Baker era.)

Barbara Hambly's ISHMAEL has a cameo appearance by the second Doctor.

The Cybermen (dubbed by Janeway the "Mondasians") appear in the short
story "Ambassador at Large," published in the Star Trek anthology, STRANGE

And let's not forget the two appearances of the Sontarans in Voyager's later

Allyn                                    http://www.allyngibson.net
AIM: mknzycalhn                                        ICQ: 4342396

From: Salmack
Subject: Question to Enterprise "Future Tense"
Newsgroups: rec.arts.startrek.tech
Date: 2003-07-10 02:44:11 PST

In "Future Tense", they find a ship floating in space,
that turns out to be from the future.

Trip and Reed finds out, that the ship is bigger on
the inside then on the outside, and that it has several
decks and rooms.

Trip theorizes, that the Spacial geometry for the vessel
is different from normal spacial geometry.

My question is:
With a ship the size of a shuttle weighing fx 5 metric tons,
contains more than 3+ decks, wouldn't the mass of the
ship be greater than 5 tons?

From: ZC TGS
Newsgroups: rec.arts.drwho.moderated
Subject: Re: Shada Trek reference
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 04:27:39 CST

On Mon, 9 Jun 2003 15:01:03 CST, [email protected] (Macfadyan)

>>And let's not forget the two appearances of the Sontarans in Voyager's later
>or the TARDIS in enterprise
>thieving paramount bastards!!!!

Yeah... a Time Travel ship which is bigger on the inside.... I wonder where they got that idea from...

Tvtome refer to this episode as referencing Doctor Who.

From: Frobisher
Newsgroups: rec.arts.drwho.moderated
Subject: Re: Shada Trek reference
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2003 06:52:25 CST

"Allyn Gibson"  wrote in message news:...

> And let's not forget the two appearances of the Sontarans in Voyager's later
> seasons.

Nor indeed the "pseudo-Silurians" in Voyager:  Distant Origin

I would have plucked out the URLS of the "pseudo-Sontarans" episodes
too but can't remember the episode titles.

About Gallifrey's non-existence / destruction in the tAC (the Ancestor Cell) book:
It's cool that what the BBC books writers have done with the 8th Doctor's
timeline (they've changed it, the whole whoniverse, the Doc still went
through his past but doesn't remember). Though it reminds me of how I
altered the Sliders' timeline thanks to the Doctor himself!

Some similar references :

All Marks are owned by their owners.

Doctor Who, Mr Brittas, The Mara is the BBC’s
The Sliders are Fox/Universal/Sci-Fi Channel’s

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