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-Disclaimer: This section contains some fan-fic for Doctor Who, Sliders, Star Trek (DS9/Voyager/Enterprise), Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis, X-Files and The Prisoner, which I wrote. Some stories feature Malta as a location, plus there's a Maltese language fic too.

UPDATE: A short original story of mine (in Maltese), Il-Kavallier Li Ma Setghax Imut (The Knight Who Could Not Die), will be read on RTK radio on Friday 26th January 2007 during the programme called Rakkont at 12.30pm (it will be the second story). So listen in and enjoy!
WhoSliders#17 is ready. I'm writing #18 and #19 which feature the Tenth Doctor and Rose respectively. The latter introduces a whole new WHOSLIDERS team lead by Rose Tyler.

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These stories are now listed in chronological order (well, the Doctor's) for your convenience.
5th Doctor (Peter Davison) Adventures:
  • Doctor Who and the X-Men - the Director's Cut for 2001. Originally written years ago, it has been rewritten and expanded. It happens on the X-Men's Earth-616 of course. Now also features Hindle (from the Dr Who episode Kinda) and the Sliders, so it is a crossover between three series, and this is a MetaMiST of the MSTified version. Series involved: Dr Who, X-Men, Sliders and Excalibur (a scene hinted to in Excalibur# 25 occurs in the fanfic!).
5th Doctor (Peter Davison) WHOSLIDERS Adventures:
5th Doctor (Peter Davison) Post-WHOSLIDERS Adventures:
  • Doctor Who and The X-Men II - A sequel to the fanfic Doctor Who and the X-Men The Director's Cut. Features the Fifth Doctor and the X-Men from the movie, rather than the comic book. Many fansites call this universe the Movieverse apparently.
  • The Kobali Warning - A (minor) Voyager character makes it back to the Alpha Quadrant, to warn the Doctor of a threat to Two Universes by going back in time by one year, to the space station Deep Space Nine, where the Fifth Doctor and his companions happen to be investigating the illegal use of microtransporter technology (during DS9's Season 7 episode Field of Fire). An introduction and prequel of sorts to the TREKWHO Series (amalgam universe)
1st TREKWHO Doctor (non-tv & my own Alternate timeline/universe Doctor WHO):
  • TREKWHO Series Ep#1 - Odo's TARDIS - After the Doctor Who and Star Trek universes have merged, things are very different. It is the 23rd Century and the Doctor is the First Officer on Captain Jonathan Archer's Enterprise. Meanwhile Odo, a gallifreyan shape-shifter arrives in his TARDIS.
  • Spock's Destiny - What is Spock's Destiny and why has the Doctor been summoned to Gallifrey?
7th TREKWHO Doctor (non-tv) (featuring Ace):
  • Enter The Sandman - Who is Sandman and what is his connection to the Jaffa? How are the transgenics and Manticore connected to the Gouald and their Hok'tar? And just who was responsible for the EM pulse?
7th Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) Adventures:

Note: My canon doesn't necessarily include the NA's published by Virgin
  • Homecoming
  • - a crossover with Battlestar Galactica (the original, not the new "softcore" rubbish with the same name)
  • The King and Max
  • - the Doctor meets Alternate-Max (again) and the King (no, not Elvis) - the Crying Man
  • The Doctor's Just In Time - the Doctor meets Max, just in time - Roswell yr 3
8th Doctor (Paul McGann) Adventures:
  • Doctor Who/Space:1999 Crossover (post TV movie)
  • UC WHO - Compassion is stuck in the shape of a Maltese policewoman named Becky (from the Undercover, UC5, Dejjem Tieghek Becky PBS shows) from 2003. The problem? Becky has recently drowned. (happens after the BBC's Dr Who book 'FALL OF YQUATINE') - incomplete
  • BeretWorld - The Doctor and Fitz face evil on a parallel earth where things are very different from our world.
9th Doctor (Alternate Doctor) Adventures:
  • The Ninth Doctor - While the Doctor has not yet generated into the ninth Doctor, this story explores a possible ninth doctor who is taking a rest in Malta, where else. (on July 2003 the BBC announced the 'offical' ninth doctor for a one off web special, but he was announced by a better 9th Doctor (Eccleston) for the new tv series! This is not that ninth doctor. It's not in continuity anyway), UPDATED to explain how this Ninth Doctor is connected to the tv 9th Doctor and it's a time loop's fault!
  • Bean Here Bean There - When Rowan Atkinson played the part of a comedic ninth Doctor Who in a charity special (Cotd - Curse of Fatal Death), I wrote this first drabble of mine. It's out of continuity as was Cotd itself
9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) Adventures:
  • No stories as yet but we will see.. it would help if the new show gets taken up by PBS in Malta... check back for my first CE 9th Doctor fics. What I want to do is a crossover between the 9th Doctor and Han Solo from Star Wars..
10th Doctor (David Tennant) WHOSLIDERS Adventures:
  • Who/Sliders Series Ep#17 - DAEDALUS RISING - The 10th Doctor and Rose meet the Commander of a Battlecruiser.. in the Pegasus Galaxy. A Crossover with Stargate Atlantis.
10th Doctor (non-tv, my own)
  • The Dark Doctor - The Doctor has regenerated into a woman, and the Matrix has given him the body and genetic abilities of... Dark Angel! (Dark Angel/Doctor Who Crossover) (coming in future)
Other Crossovers
  • Who is Number Ten? - My first Prisoner fanfic is a crossover with X-Files (there is even a Maltese terra Magka!)
  • VOYAGER:1999 - Somebody wrote a Star Trek Voyager/Space:1999 crossover which was interesting; both were from separate universes and Tony Verdeschi is a starfleet officer who ends up on Alpha. Now imagine a different crossover. A world where a conspiracy hides a moonbase Alpha, with nuclear waste dumps about to blow up.
  • Dinah Scully FBI Agent - an amalgam type of X-Files crossover, if you can imagine one (similar to the Amalgam elseworlds). Not available, under revision..
  • Mulder's Christmas - I did think of this but did not continue it so far.
  • Chloe Goes To Roswell - a crossover between Roswell and of course Smallville
Non-Crossovers Parody

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