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Another Time

This is the crossover fanfic in my fan-series which features Doctor Who and Continuum.

Story (C) 2018-2020 Mr SciRev

Previous episode:  –

For the Continuum Timeline, it happens after the first episode of the first season.

SPOILER: Episode 1×2

What you need to know:
“Protector Kiera has followed a group of terrorists named Liber8 who escaped their execution in 2077 and went back to the year 2012. ”


Sometimes things take a different twist, because of a spontaneous decision. This was one such occasion. The Protector Kiera had been blasted to the past, when Liber8 triggered their time machine device in 2077.  But Kagame had insisted on adding more to the composite material used in the vortex manipulator, and the ‘explosion’ sent one individual further back in time than the others. To the 1980’s.

The Doctor – in his third incarnation – was in the UNIT main laboratory, working on some machinery, when a telephone rang. It was the Brigadier who was on the phone. Apparently some individual who claimed he was from the future, had been found. The Doctor decided to wear his coat and leave. Perhaps he would find a way to repair his TARDIS and leave Earth this time.


The Doctor met with this “Jason”, as he called himself at a McDonald’s.  Really eccentric, the Doctor thought. Something was wrong with him. Not because of the McDonald’s. But the things he would say. And behave.

But he knew of the Protectors, the police force of the future.

And he was scared of them. No, not of them. Of the Freelancers.

Time travel police you might call them. But unscrupulous. Unlike the Time Lords. Wait, did the Time Lords allow these time travellers to operate and capture time travellers, if what Jason said was true. It was difficult to be certain if he was inventing stuff up or not. However the presence of Artron energy confirmed that Jason was indeed a time traveller. These protectors, if they were real, would seem to be some kind of Time Agents. Their purpose would be to change things to maintain the status quo of the timeline without interfering. Nobody knew that they existed. They did not exist according to Gallifreyan knowledge. This was because they only came into existence after Gallifrey went absent, but the Doctor did not know this yet.

The Doctor thus was not too inclined to believe that the protectors really existed. He thought that Jason had been mentally damaged due to the time-travel. And that was true, to some extent.

“Doctor. You are a time traveller too.” Jason said.
“Yes, I am.” the Doctor replied.
“So take me to the future. The others from my time will arrive later I think, years later.”
“I can’t. My time machine, it’s not working.”
“I might be able to help you. I do have a working part of the device that sent me here”, Jason exclaimed.
“Amazing device”, the Doctor said as he examined the part. “But primitive and dangerous also”
“That man, there”
“What about him?”
“He’s a protector. We are in danger.”
“Are you certain? He looks normal to me.”
“The protectors have been involved in the sinking of Atlantis”
“Atlantis as in the mythological country? Or the space base?” the Doctor asked.
“The country, what else?”
“Listen. I’m busy. I’ve got to leave you.” the Doctor stated.

The protector looked at the two.
“Doctor I need your help. But you will be in danger too now. The protector will try to capture you, too”
The Doctor got up, ignoring Jason. But when the Doctor started walking and Jason did the same, the man followed them. This made the Doctor realised this protector was really a time agent.  It was a shock realisation.

The Doctor took Jason to an alley and went back. He found the protector and grabbed him with some swift Venusian Karate moves.
“Who are you? Why are you following us?”