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TrekWho Mailing List

Disclaimer: this is an archived page

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Welcome to the TrekWho-L home page. This mailing list is dedicated to the discussion of anything related to Star Trek and Doctor Who. This was the first mailing list set up in Malta, way back in 1995. Since then it has been the largest list with more than a hundredfold of subscribers.

List subscriptions currently inactive..

Mailing list archives of the first years of the list can be downloaded. You will need to uncompress them using the GZIP program (available on UNIX, DOS and most other operating systems under this planet) or WINZIP (windows). More recent archives can be obtained through majordomo.

Download William's Revenge (Silly Spec) by William E. Donges (1995) - a crossover fanfic featuring Doctor Who, Quantum Leap's Sam and Al, Trek's Picard, Data, Kirk, the actors who play them, and a multitude of others. This fanfic was the inspiration behind the creation of this mailing list in 1995.

William's Revenge - parts 1 to 6
William's Revenge - part 7
William's Revenge - part 8

Download two classic Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover fanfics (archived here):

The Doctor and The Enterprise - (DW/ST:TOS)
The Doctor and The Enterprise D (DW/ST:TNG)

TrekWho Amalgam Star Trek / Doctor Who Fanfic Series

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