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Reviews: Wonder Woman (DVD Movie)

Written by Mr Scirev.
Director: Laura Montgomery
Starring: Keri Russel (Felicity)
Nathan Fillion (Serenity)

Boring violent movie.. stereotyped characters. two-dimensional.

This movie is very disappointing. DC's attempt to bring the famous comic book amazon to the animated (Straight-to-DVD) movie screen, failed miserably in my opinion. It starts with an action scene, something I don't like in a movie, when I'm not vested in any of the characters.

The movie kept me waiting for Wonder Woman to show up... battle after battle.. Lips on characters were extra large, for some reason.. it looked strange especially on men. Lots of cliched comments and behaviour from characters, such as Trevor trying to get Diana drunk. The Diana-Trevor love story is not in focus here.

Lots of nits like the us President would launch a nuclear attack on a Mediterranean island, Amazon Warships sail up to the US without anyone noticing or trying to do anything, Trevor gets Diana into a military installation, the fact that in mythology Amazons were descendants of Ares himself (so how could Hippolyta & Ares have a son...).

The movie is not suitable for children, too many gory scenes like heads getting chopped off etc..
I give the movie 1 out of 5.

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