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Reviews: Star Trek: Countdown

star trek countdown

Written by Mr Scirev.
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Story: Roberto Orci &Alex Kurtzmann
Writer: Mike Johnston & Tim Jones
Artist: David Messina
Letterer: Neil Uyetake

Countdown #1-4

This is a 4 issue comic book series aimed at those who will go to see the relaunched / reimagined Star Trek movie from 8th May 2009. It's a prequel to the events in the movie. I enjoyed reading it.

Data is now Captain Data of the USS Enterprise.
It follows the old Vulcan Spock (who has spent years on the planet Romulus to bring peace between the two worlds) and the Romulan Nero (a miner who has not yet turned evil at first), as Spock discovers that the Hobus Star will go nova and blow up Romulus at first, followed by other worlds including Vulcan and Earth.

SPOILER::: Data's personality had survived within the android B4 (after his death in Star Trek Nemesis). But all of Romulus dies together with Nero's wife, and he blames Spock for going to the Vulcan council first. So he turns agains the Federation and kills off one of the major TNG characters - namely Worf. I think this is worth getting indeed, especially in the trade paperback format, as it connects with all the existing Trek lore...

I give the issue 4 out of 5.

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