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Editorial: Disney Buys Marvel

Written by Mr Scirev.

Disney Buys Marvel

I read this news on Twitter... So let's talk about the good and bad of this buyout... Also Marvel has just launched its new Motion Comics.

At first I was really surprised to hear about the buyout. Disney and Marvel? Well Disney's distributor arm, Buena Vista, has owned a lot of rights to Marvel's DVD products for some years now. The 1990's Fox Spider-Man and X-Men cartoons were distributed by Disney on DVD for years now. Lately the box set for the 90's X-Men cartoons came out and this was a Buena Vista release. Its interesting to see that Marvel was suing Disney about the inaccurate reporting of sales numbers. Seems that an arrangement was found.

Did Marvel need to purchased by a third-party? They had some really good successes lately - Spider-Man, X-Men and Iron Man movies were doing well. Fantastic Four, X-Men 3 and Elektra did not excel as whoever adapted them really did not understand the source material. The Avengers movie is building on the combination of the earlier movies they released.

Some have had an initial fear - myself included - that we might see some very disneyish versions of Marvel characters (ok except for the Punisher!). Or that Super-Goofy might join the avengers... :(
Penny Arcade had a funny take on this:click here to see their cartoon
Well even Howard the Duck was created as a parody of Mickey Mouse.. now they are owned by the same company...
After all Disney isn't just Mickey Mouse, they own other companies like Miramax and Pixar, which shows they respect creative vision.
Marv Wolfman has written his opinion here.
Others have produced their own mash-ups as you can see below:

mickey ultron marvel disney mashup
marvel disney mashup
disney spiderman
disney marvel mouserine wolverine
disney marvel
disney marvel mickey wolverine

Marvel Motion Comics Astonishing X-Men Trailer videoclip

Meanwhile Marvel Comics has just launched its new Motion Comics, you can see the trailer above on youtube. It's an interesting concept, where their comics can be viewed as an animated 10 minute video. A comic is free to view for one week before the next one is updated. I'm looking foward to these motion comics!

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